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Tila Top-Up: Elevate Your Brand with Customized POSM Corporate Gifts and Premium Items


Brand: Tila Top-Up


Tila Top-Up Customized POSM Corporate Gifts and Premium Items

Ever walked away from a corporate event with the same predictable swag that leaves you thinking, "Not another one of these"? It's a common experience, but what if corporate gifts could be more than just routine? Tila introduces a range of practical, exclusive, and sustainable corporate gifts, acknowledging the importance of first impressions, especially in the workplace. Offering new employees exclusive and functional swag creates a positive impact that lasts.

Presenting a carefully curated collection of corporate gifts designed for Tila, a brand that values uniqueness and excellence. Tila's commitment to providing premium items sets them apart, ensuring that their swag goes beyond the ordinary.

Customized ballpoint pen

In the dynamic landscape of corporate gifting, Tila Top Up introduces a bespoke range of Customized POSM Promotional Corporate Gifts and Premium Items. This curated collection features standout products such as Biros, Customized Lanyards, Bottle Opener Keychains, Promotional Stickers, Drawstring Bag, and Customized Caps. Tila Top Up's commitment to innovation and brand excellence shines through in this thoughtfully designed array.


Our fulfillment services extend across Tila's regional offices in key cities of the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The product lineup features customized Tila Biros, sophisticated Customised Lanyards, exciting Promotion Football gear, and sleek Bottle Opener Keychains.

Recognizing the importance of employee appreciation, Tila's swag items showcase the embossed company logo and business slogan, coupled with the distinctive corporate colors. This ensures high visibility and recognition wherever these items go.


From enjoying a morning cup of coffee in a customized Tila ceramic mug to having essential travel gadgets like a reusable cup, Tila's swag items evoke pride and a sense of belonging among employees. Imagine the impact of a Promotion Football, providing a functional and branded gift. for corporate events and promotions. Promotional Stickers become a vibrant and eye-catching way to enhance brand visibility, while the Drawstring Bag and Customized Caps serve as stylish and practical additions to the corporate giveaway lineup. – these items are not just gifts; they are statements of style and affiliation.


Proud employees contribute to enhanced productivity and engagement. Tila's unique swag items also serve as powerful tools to attract new talent and bolster brand awareness.

At Tila, we understand that corporate swag is more than just utility; it's about creating an experience. Let us take care of the hard work for you – from personalized touches to visually appealing designs, we ensure your brand stands out. Whether you're rewarding loyal client partners or acknowledging your stellar team members, Tila's functional and stylish corporate swag options are designed to refresh business relationships and offer a dazzling gifting experience.


At Tila Top Up, we believe in the power of customized POSM to enhance brand visibility and leave a lasting impact on recipients. Our collection not only meets the highest standards of quality and design but also embodies Tila Top Up's dedication to delivering unique and memorable corporate gifting experiences.

Benefit from our regional presence and logistical advantage as Tila provides hassle-free fulfillment support. Our seamless logistics and supply chain management processes guarantee that your brand is represented with excellence globally.

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