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Amplifying Savanna Cider's Brand with Custom Promo Event Gifts


Amplifying Savanna Cider Brand with Custom Promo Event Gifts

Client: Savanna Cider


Savanna Cider, a renowned apple cider brand, aims to enhance its market presence through innovative promotional gifts. longrichbar partnered with Savanna Cider to provide a range of custom promotional products for various significant events, including product launches, brand promotions, and marketing campaigns. By offering regional fulfillment services, Longrichbar ensured timely delivery of the promotional products, providing comprehensive support to Savanna Cider.


Promotional Products Section Overview

Plastic Ice Buckets and Beer Trays


  • Plastic Ice Buckets: Practical and brand-prominent, these ice buckets help increase brand visibility during events.
  • Beer Trays: These trays are convenient and prominently display the brand, enhancing visual impact.

Advertising Light Boxes and Outdoor Patio Umbrellas


  • Advertising Light Boxes: Eye-catching designs attract attention and increase brand awareness.
  • Outdoor Patio Umbrellas: These umbrellas provide shade while displaying the brand logo, making them perfect for outdoor events.

PVC Bar Mats and Lanyards


  • PVC Bar Mats: Custom bar mats improve the brand’s professional image and leave a lasting impression on consumers.
  • Longrichbar lanyards: Custom lanyards not only serve the event but also offer everyday use, enhancing brand exposure.

Custom Fitted Hats, and 6-Bottle Beer Tote BagsMini Speakers


  • Longrichbar Custom Fitted Hats: These hats are suitable for event wear and everyday use, increasing brand exposure.
  • 6-Bottle Beer Tote Bags: These tote bags are not only practical but also showcase the brand, enhancing both utility and visibility.
  • Mini Speakers: Portable mini speakers are practical and can play brand-related audio content during events, boosting engagement.


Implementation Process

Initial Consultation: Understanding Savanna Cider's brand needs and market goals.

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding Savanna Cider's brand needs and market goals.
  2. Solution Design: Creating a range of promotional products that align with Savanna Cider's brand image.
  3. Product Sourcing and Production: With 18 years of professional promotion export experience, we have a strong supply chain in China, providing one-stop procurement solutions to ensure high-quality mass production of products.
  4. Prototype Design and Quality Control: Producing prototypes and conducting rigorous quality checks to meet Savanna Cider's standards.
  5. Logistics and Final Delivery: Ensuring timely delivery of all promotional items for seamless event execution.


Enhanced Event Visibility: Strategically designed promotional items like advertising light boxes and outdoor patio umbrellas significantly boosted brand visibility, attracting considerable attention at events.

Increased Brand Engagement: Custom mini speakers and lanyards enhanced brand interaction with event attendees, maintaining high exposure even after the events.

Significant Sales Growth: The appeal and high quality of the promotional items led to a notable increase in sales, with a 20% rise in revenue during the events.

Longrichbar Services Used

  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Production
  • Logistics


Longrichbar comprehensive services, from design to logistics, ensured timely delivery of all products, meeting Savanna Cider's high standards. This not only elevated Savanna Cider's presence at major events but also facilitated widespread brand dissemination and active consumer engagement. The custom promotional gifts effectively transformed these events into powerful platforms for brand reinforcement and community interaction.

Longrichbar comprehensive services, from design to logistics, ensured timely delivery of all products, meeting Savanna Cider's high standards.

Need help finding the right promotional solutions to amplify your brand visibility? Let us guide you through the process of picking the perfect fit. Scale your business with us today.

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