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Longrichbar Videos Comprehensive Guide.Specializing in innovative promotional product solutions for the bar, beer and beverage industry, we offer a wide range of bar supplies as well as a range of promotional video demonstrations. Contact us for a free quote and catalogue!

Welcome to our latest offering for Discover our high-quality B2B products for the alcohol and beverage industry – wholesale cocktail shaker sets and bar accessories.As a leading supplier of professional bar accessories, we understand the importance of quality tools in crafting the perfect cocktail experience. In this article, we'll introduce you to our range of wholesale products and explore how they can enhance your bar service.
2024 05 07
Looking for Looking for a new and exciting aluminum color changing cup supplier to highlight your business? Look no further! Introducing our latest innovation: the aluminum color-changing cup!
2024 04 27
If you're passionate about mixology and love crafting cocktails, a customized bar set is the ultimate accessory to elevate your bar experience. This elegant and personalized collection of bar tools adds a touch of style and sophistication to your home bar, making every cocktail you create feel like a work of art.
2023 10 25
If you're a cocktail enthusiast or a bartender looking to add a touch of personal flair to your mixing experience, custom bar shakers are the way to go. These shakers not only help you craft delicious concoctions but also make a statement about your style.
2023 10 25
Have you ever imagined having a magic cup that changes color depending on the temperature? Today, we will introduce you to a novel product - an aluminum color-changing cup. This innovative cup is not only stunning, but also full of technology to make your drinking experience more interesting. Let’s dive into the secrets of this amazing magic cup!
2023 10 17
Corona Extra, a highly esteemed beer brand synonymous with excellence, is committed to providing a premium beer experience. To reinforce their brand visibility and accentuate their marketing endeavors, they opted to collaborate with us – a specialized solutions manufacturer proficient in bar supplies. Our expertise lies in crafting customized, top-tier promotional items designed to enhance their brand impact.
2023 08 15
Want to make a lasting impression on your customers? Custom bar mats are a cost-effective and eye-catching solution for branding and promotion. Learn more about the benefits of using custom bar mats in this helpful guide.
2023 08 10
Welcome to our video introducing the Wholesale Aluminum Cup 16oz, the ultimate solution for eco-friendly cold-drink enjoyment. Made with 100% recyclable aluminum, this cup not only keeps your beverages chilled for hours, but also contributes to a greener planet. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to a sustainable and refreshing experience with our aluminum cup.
2023 08 03
Master the art of straining cocktails with this beginner-friendly guide. Learn how to use a cocktail strainer and create perfectly smooth and balanced drinks.
2023 08 02
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