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Welcome to longrichbar, your one-stop shop for all your alcohol and beverage industry service needs! We understand the importance of presentation and functionality in the Bar and Restaurants industry. That's why we're dedicated to providing a diverse range of premium beer trays to suit every style and requirement.


Exploring Your Options:


Custom Beer Trays: Make a statement with our custom beer trays. Personalize them with logos, engravings, and finishes to create a unique serving experience that reflects your brand's identity. At Longrichbar, we believe in offering personalized recommendations to ensure your bar stands out from the crowd.

Vintage and Antique Beer Trays: Add a touch of nostalgia to your bar with our collection of vintage and antique beer trays. These handcrafted treasures bring a sense of history and charm to any establishment. Longrichbar is home to unique and creative goods, including vintage treasures ready to be loved again.

Vintage Beer Tray

Beer Trays for Sale: Browse our online marketplace for a wide selection of beer trays for sale. From classic round trays to specialized beer case carriers, we've got everything you need to keep your bar running smoothly. Click "Fill in the Inquiry Form" to send us your contact information and enjoy a high-quality one-stop solution experience.


Making Your Drinks Look Great:


Beer Serving Tray: Serve your drinks in style with our premium beer serving trays. Designed for both form and function, these artisanal creations are the perfect accessory for any bar. With their sleek design and non-slip surfaces, you can trust that your drinks will be served safely and efficiently every time.

Old Vintage Beer Trays and Beer Platters: Discover vintage treasures ready to be loved again at Longrichbar. Our collection of old beer trays and beer platters adds character and personality to any space. Don't see the option you're looking for? Contact us for personalized tips and recommendations.

Beer Serving Tray



Elevate your bar service with premium beer trays from Longrichbar. Choose the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, where creative entrepreneurs start and manage their businesses. Whether you're looking for custom options, vintage finds, or practical solutions, Longrichbar has everything you need to take your bar service to the next level. Explore our range of beer trays today and experience the difference!


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