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Refreshing and creative promotional gifts for beer brands


In an increasingly competitive market, promotional gifts are one of the most effective ways for beer brands (or brands in any industry) to continue to grow their business and ensure more people can taste their beer in more places. In addition to a strong brand built on a quality product, a compelling story, and a compelling visual identity, you always need a little "more" to get the attention of loyal consumers or potential buyers. Beer is more than just a drink, it's a cultural phenomenon that brings people together. Why not celebrate this beloved drink by giving your customers beer-related gifts?

If you're a beer brand looking to stand out in a crowded market, you'll need to think outside the box when it comes to promotional gifts when developing your promotions. In this article we will explore:

(1)How promotional gifts can benefit beer promotions and how they can drive the brand;

(2)Various examples of creative and unique beer promotional gifts;

(3)Discover beer-inspired promotional gifts with longrichbar.

Here are some of our handpicked creative and impactful ideas to inject some freshness into your beer promotional gifts and merchandise. Whether it's to build brand awareness, encourage customer loyalty or generate word-of-mouth marketing, a good promotional item can leave a lasting impression on consumers. Ultimately, it’s about thanking them for their loyalty and motivating them to come back again.

Why Promotional Gifts Work for Beer Branding – How They Enhance Your Brand

Effective promotion is crucial for breweries to get their beer in front of potential customers. Promotional gifts offer breweries a way to spread brand awareness in a passive, nuanced way that works even when customers aren't actively thinking about the beer.

1. Create brand awareness

One of the main reasons wineries use promotional gifts is to create brand awareness. Imagine a physical item with brewery branding engraved (or laser printed) on it that is used frequently. A high degree of practicality will ultimately lead to a high degree of brand memory. Take bar mat or beer tower for example, even a person who does not like beer can not help but glance again at a uniquely designed bar mat with the logo of a beer brand on it, mainly because it is a practical one that he can use for other drinks thing.


Promotional gifts have the potential to transcend a customer's initial exposure to a brand, making them a powerful tool for attracting new customers. For example, if a customer brings a branded item to work and uses it in front of coworkers, this simple gesture could spark coworkers' interest in the brewery, thereby attracting new customers.

2. Encourage customer loyalty

As customers, we feel happy when we feel appreciated. When a customer receives a gift that he can use and enjoy, he is more likely to continue purchasing the brewery's products. Additionally, promotional gifts can make customers feel like they are part of a community of beer lovers who love the same brand.

For example, give your customers branded beer mugs with your brand logo. This group of customers will feel more connected to the brand when they use these cups at home or at social gatherings. This connection ultimately leads to increased loyalty and repeat business.

3. Generate word-of-mouth marketing

When customers receive promotional items they like, they are more likely to share information about the brewery and its products with family and friends. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, and promotional gifts promote it by giving customers a chance to talk. For example, if a customer receives a branded thermos and uses it at a party, his friends may ask for information about the brewery and beer. It’s a small but far-reaching item. A normal conversation would then involve the sharing of insights about the quality of the beer and the brewery’s unique selling points, which could lead to new customers for the business.

On the other hand, creating eye-catching POSM display items for your beer brand can also increase brand awareness among loyal customers. From indoor display items placed on tables to giant outdoor inflatable towers, they are easily customizable with a wide variety of materials and designs to choose from! If you'd like to add a more creative element to your promotional gifts or POSM displays and merchandise, but aren't quite sure how to get started, contact us today to find out how you can do it in style.

4. Increase inquiry

There are various types of beer-related gifts that can be customized for your brand. Here are some ideas (sure to impress) to get your creative juices flowing:

● Customizable beer accessories

Beer accessories are a classic promotional gift, but you can make them unique by customizing them for your brand. Custom beer accessories are not only functional, but also memorable, making them an excellent choice for your marketing efforts.

(a) Customized beer cup

Beer tastes better in a personalized glass, and a branded pint glass or beer mug is a great way to showcase your company's name. Engraved with a fun message or your logo and watch your customers show off their new favorite glass. You can choose from different types of glasses, such as pilsner glasses cup, 16oz glass beer glasses. Personalized pint glasses are practical and useful, making them a great choice for promotional gifts. Customers are likely to continue using the branded pint glass in the future, which means continued exposure for the brand. Or, for example, a personalized double-walled beer mug is not only great for branding, but is also effective in creating a unique experience for your customers. This is effective brand recall!

Customized beer cup

Promotional Gifts and Merchandise – The design and grip of personalized drinking glasses, mugs, drinking glasses can dramatically enhance the drinking experience. Image source: longrichbar

coca cola  changing drinking cup

Promotional Gifts and Merchandise – Personalized Color Changing Drinking aluminum Cups. An attractive example of a coca cola  changing drinking cup. Likewise, we have designed a series of equally unique color-changing beer glasses for Coca Cola’s promotional merchandise. Check it out here. Image source: longrichbar

(b) Personalized bottle opener

Bottle openers are a must-have for any beer lover, and you can make them even more special by engraving your brand name or logo. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit the brand's style. For example, you can choose a classic stainless steel bottle opener or an eco-friendly wooden bottle opener for a more rustic (natural) vibe. Engraved bottle openers are a great way to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, because who doesn’t love a bottle opener?

Promotional custom bottle opener

Promotional Gifts and Merchandise – Custom Eco-Friendly Wood Bottle Opener.Promotional Gifts and Merchandise – Custom Leather Coaster Bottle Opener

wall-mounted bottle opener

From a clever 3D creative Bluetooth magnetic beer bottle opener to a wall-mounted bottle opener that exudes a touch of luxury, the possibility of choosing many different styles and materials for your bottle openers makes it the perfect beer-inspired bottle opener. Promotional gifts to attract your customers. Image source: longrichbar

(c)Branded Beer Koozies (Coolers)

Insulated sleeves are the perfect accessory for keeping your beer cold, and adding your logo to them is a great way to promote your brand. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors to suit your brand's aesthetic. For example, you can choose a neoprene thermal sleeve for a sporty feel, or a leather thermal sleeve for a more sophisticated feel. Branded beer coolers are not only practical, but they're also a fun way to showcase your brand.

Branded Beer Koozies (Coolers)

Stylish and functional, jar or bottle coolers (coolers) make a great promotional gift, providing plenty of room for branding and a personal touch. Image source: longrichbar

● Unique beer tasting experience

Beer tasting experiences are a fun and educational way to interact with customers and introduce them to new flavors. Here are some creative ideas to make your tasting experience stand out:

(a) Unique beer tasting kit

A beer tasting kit can be a unique gift for customers who want to try a new beer. These sets can include branded glasses and a variety of different beer samples. Not only does this gift remind customers about your brand, it also introduces them to new beers they might like. When creating a beer tasting package, it's important to consider the types of beers you plan to include. For example, a bar could create a set that includes a variety of their most popular beers, or they could create one that focuses on a specific type of beer, like a DIY beer mini-game. By customizing the package to your customer's preferences, you can create a truly memorable gift.

(b) Brand beer tasting activities

Organizing branded beer tasting events is a way to build a deep connection with your customers. Such events can be held within the brewery or at a specific venue, such as a restaurant, bar or beer festival. At branded beer tasting events, breweries can offer free or discounted beer samples paired with fun activities and interactive elements. Additionally, providing attendees with personalized branded souvenirs, such as custom beer mugs or bottle openers, can leave a lasting impression and strengthen brand loyalty after the event.

(c) Virtual beer tasting experience

In the digital age, virtual beer tasting experiences are an innovative way to engage with customers through online platforms. Breweries can organize online beer tasting events, send beer samples to participants, and conduct tasting instruction via video conferencing. At such events, brands can include personalized promotional gifts, such as branded bar mat or beer bucket, to make attendees feel special.


Through creative and unique promotional gifts, beer brands can stand out in a competitive market, attract more consumers, and strengthen connections with existing customers. From personalized beer accessories to unique tasting experiences, brands can use these strategies to increase brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and build positive word-of-mouth in the market. When choosing promotional gifts, the key is to consider items that align with your brand's image and values to ensure maximum impact. By continuously innovating and providing unique brand experiences, beer brands can achieve a leading position in the industry and attract more beer lovers.

We understand you are constantly looking for something distinctive, one-of-a-kind to enhance your brand visibility — and ultimately, elevate your sales volume. Therefore, if you’d love to find out more about any one of the beer-inspired promotional gift ideas we have shared in this article, just put our team to work — and our product and gift experts would be more than happy to fill you in.



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