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Cooler box with folding table and chairs for outdoor promotion


Are you looking for an innovative branded outdoor product that can withstand any weather? Say goodbye to hassle with our latest innovation: the custom cooler with a foldable table and chair set! Designed to make outdoor activities a breeze, this versatile product solves common challenges faced by most consumers, such as lack of space and time-consuming arrangements of tables and chairs. For an advertising product area, the surface area here is really great for displaying logos.

Cooler Box with Foldable Table and Chair

Providing unrivaled convenience for outdoor enthusiasts

A custom cooler box with folding table and chairs comes equipped with the essentials you need for outdoor activities, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors without taking up too much space in your car.

Gone are the days of struggling to build bulky tables and chairs. Our custom coolers box come with foldable table tops, eliminating the need for additional furniture. Simply pull up the table top and secure the sturdy support frame for instant meal convenience. The lightweight chairs feature handles for easy transport and pair perfectly with the table, ensuring a comfortable outdoor experience for your guests.

What do you get with this outdoor setting?

The custom cooler box with foldable table and chair comes with the outdoor necessities needed for a relaxing day outside without needing too much space in your car.

Built-in table tops: It has two built-in tabletops attached to the sides of the cooler box. Thus, eliminating the need of bringing a separate one. The built-in table tops are also easy to set up. You just pull each of them up from both sides and pull out the metallic stands hidden on the back part of the table to reveal sturdy support.


Chairs: A table wouldn’t be complete without matching chairs. The chairs are crafted to be light yet spacious. It also has a handle on one side of each seat so they are easy to carry.

cooler box with folding table and chairs

Cooler box Redefined: Space, Style and Function

Don’t let its sleek design fool you—our custom coolers offer serious advantages when it comes to storage capacity. With room for up to 32 liters of food and drink, you'll never have to worry about running out of refreshments. The smartly designed interior includes a convenient divider for organizing storage, while the exterior features wheels and handles for easy transport. Whether you're picnicking in the park or barbecuing at the beach, our coolers have you covered.

custom coolers box

Why choose our cooler set for outdoor promotion?

A cooler box with folding table and chairs is an ideal custom product for outdoor entertaining. It's beautifully packaged and easy to use, and your customers are sure to be very satisfied. This hardware is also beneficial for companies who plan to add this product to their outdoor promotions as it fits their business needs perfectly.

  • INNOVATIVE APPEAL: Stand out from the crowd and showcase your brand's creativity and originality with our unique and versatile products.
  • MAXIMUM BRAND EXPOSURE: Our coolers feature ample logo display space to ensure your brand gets maximum exposure at outdoor events.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Save setup time and resources with our all-in-one cooler kits and entice customers to choose your brand over the competition.
  • Boost Sales and Customer Engagement: By delivering a quality out-of-home experience, you'll attract more customers and encourage repeat business, driving sales and brand loyalty.

Experience the difference with our custom cooler packages

Ready to take your outdoor promotions to the next level? Contact us today to ask about our custom coolers with foldable table and chair sets. Our team of experts are here to assist you every step of the way, and you can trust us to provide your clients with a seamless and memorable outdoor experience.

How can longrichbar help you?

Currently, many customers are looking for quality outdoor products, such as this cooler box combo, to make the most of the good weather. So why not make the most of it by providing a custom cooler box with a foldable table and chairs? If you are interested in such products, please feel free to contact us and inquire about this product.

Ask @longrichbar for more methods and instructions on how to drastically improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with a variety of unique and interesting ideas that will wow your audience and increase brand recognition. The experts here can help you throughout the entire process to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Contact longrichbar today!

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