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8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 1
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 2
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 3
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 4
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 5
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 6
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 1
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 2
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 3
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 4
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 5
8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar 6

8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar

The 8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket from Longrichbar is a stylish and durable container perfect for keeping your beers icy cold. With its generous capacity and timeless design, it is a must-have accessory for any beer enthusiast.


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    Beer Bucket

    Product description 

    The 8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket by longrichbar is the perfect addition to any party or gathering. With its sleek design and high-quality construction, it ensures your beverages stay ice-cold for hours. Its spacious capacity and sturdy handle make it convenient to carry and serve drinks with style.

    8L beer bucket

    Our Unique Highlights

    The highlight of our difference is our personalisation service. You can add your brand logo, special logo or personal message to the Beer bucket and make it a unique and customised piece of art. Whether it's a corporate gift, an event prize or a personal collection, we cater for your customisation needs and let your Beer ice bucket express your personality and taste.

    Beer ice bucket factory

    Production Process

    Material preparation: Select suitable materials for manufacturing the metal beer ice bucket, such as stainless steel, iron, or aluminum.

    Bucket fabrication: Cut the metal sheets into the desired shape and join them together through bending and welding to form the bucket structure.

    Inner lining treatment (optional): Apply inner lining treatment to enhance sealing and corrosion resistance of the metal bucket.

    Surface finishing: Polish, grind, or apply coatings to improve the appearance and durability of the bucket.

    Customized design (optional): Incorporate custom designs onto the bucket, such as engraved logos, patterns, or personalized messages, based on customer requirements.

    Inspection and quality control: Conduct thorough inspections and tests on the finished metal beer ice bucket to ensure it meets the quality standards.

    Packaging and shipping: Properly package the product and arrange for shipping to ensure safe transportation to customers.

    Production flow-ice bucket
    ice bucket

    Wholesale beer bucket

    Product advantages

    Spacious Capacity: With an 8QT (8 liters) capacity, this beer bucket can hold multiple bottles or cans of your favorite beverages.  It provides ample space to keep drinks chilled and easily accessible for your guests.

    Durable Tin Metal Construction: Made from high-quality tin metal, this beer bucket is built to last.  It is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance and maintaining its pristine appearance.

    Classic and Timeless Design: The tin metal construction gives the beer bucket a classic and timeless look.  It complements various party themes and settings, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gatherings.

    Application Scenarios

    Versatile Use: This beer bucket is not limited to just holding beer.  It can also be used to chill and serve other beverages like soda, water, wine, or even as an ice bucket for chilling champagne or other bottles.

    Perfect for Parties and Events: Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ, pool party, picnic, or tailgate event, this beer bucket is an essential accessory.  It keeps your beverages cold and conveniently accessible, ensuring your guests stay refreshed.

    Elevate your party experience with our 8QT Tin Metal Beer Bucket.  Its spacious capacity, durable construction, and insulated design ensure your beverages stay cold and refreshing.  Get ready to create memorable moments with friends and family while enjoying your favorite drinks.  Cheers to a great time!



    What is the capacity of the Tin Metal Beer Bucket丨Longrichbar?
    The has a capacity of 8 quarts.
    Can the be used for other beverages besides beer?
    Yes, the bucket can be used to hold various beverages like soda, juice, or even water.
    Is the suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
    Yes, the beer bucket is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile for different settings.
    Does the come with a lid?
    No, the beer bucket does not come with a lid. It is an open-top bucket for easy access.
    Can the be used for storage purposes?
    Yes, the beer bucket can also be used for storage, such as holding ice, snacks, or small items.
    Is the beer bucket easy to clean and maintain?
    Yes, the is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply rinse it with water and wipe dry.
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